Qingdao Planet Bio-tech Co., LTD
Name:Qingdao Planet Bio-tech Co., LTD
About Us
Qingdao Planet Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. The professional and leading manufacturer of Hyaluronic acid filler(Cross linked HA filler and Medical items Non Cross-Linked HA filler) in China for about 14 years' experience. For Non Cross-linked hyaluronic acid filler: Viscosupplements for Osteoarthritis Treatment, Adhesion Prevention for General Surgery Operation and Viscoelastics for Ocular Surgery. And for Cross-linked hyaluronic acid filler: Ultra/ Derm Deep/Meidium/ Fineline. The normal package is 1ml/syringe, 2ml/syringe, 10ml/syringe and Bulk. Regarding our fillers we have CE Certificate & ISO9001 Certificate. Our plant reached GMP standard and we have our own scientific research team, so we can provide you the best quality products and competitive price. We accept small ..
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